Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snake Run

This year's Snake Run was great.  The weather was perfect...hardly no sun, little rain now and then, cool breeze all day.

Snake Run start/finish

Two weeks ago, I ran A-OK 50K.  I had strain my calf muscle pretty bad.  Since then, I didn't do any running in hopes that my leg would heal up.  By Thursday, I went for short 5 miles at easy pace.  My leg was still feeling the pain.  By saturday, I was still unsure if I should run for 6 hours...much less cover over 30 miles.
feeling good moment (photo-K2)
I started out very slow, and close to the very back of the pack.  First 4 mile loop went good, second 4 mile loop went smoothly too.  I wasn't pushing hard, but rather keeping steady pace.
Towards end of 3rd 4-mile loop, my leg was beginning to hurt.  Fourth loop (mile 12 to 16), I walked most of it...hoping that if I can only make it to 20 miles...it would be a good day.
Fifth loop (up to mile 20), I was still moving.  Time was somewhere close to 4 hours.  I thought...if I can only do one more loop..I'd call it a day.
At the end of my sixth loop (mile 24.5), I had about 1 hour left.  My leg was still hurting...but I thought...maybe I can put in 2 more miles to make it a marathon..then call it done.
I started on the 1/2 mile loop.  In about an hour, I was able to hobble in another 4 miles.  By this time, my leg was finally getting in tune, and I was able to run most of it.  I was beginning to feel good.  But time ran out on me.  At 5 hrs. 57 min. 45 sec., I would cover 28.6 miles.  Some days, the body is just not up to par.
However, the Snake Run was a great turn out.  Some 250 runners came out for either the 3 hr or 6 hr of trail running.


Thanks to TATURS for a great race.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A-OK 25/50K

March 6, 2011  A-OK 25/50K in Atoka (Stringtown), OK

Aaron and Rob  (TATUR's)
The TATUR's had a great showing at A-OK.  The weather was perfect for trail running.  8:00am start was mid-20s, gloves and long tech shirt was good.  As the day progress, temps were in mid 60s though, but the winds kept it chilly at times.

Kurt contemplating a win!

Kurt and Jason (another TATUR) ran a strong race throughout.  Kurt looked strong from start to finish.  He went on to win the 50K (4:30-something), followed by Jason in second place.  Kurt's wife, Shelly, won the womens 50K.  She too look very strong throughout the whole race.
Me and Rob  (TATUR twins)

I was hanging with Rob from the beginning, until we got close to 5 miles.  We got to a rocky section, and Rob twisted his ankle big time.  While he tried to walk it off, I kept on going.  I was finally getting into a groove at about 6-7 miles.  My pace was finally at about 8-9 min./mile.  At about mile 10, I crossed Rob again, and his ankle was not looking good...but he was still moving.

I got back to base camp (halfway) in about 2hr.30min.  For some reason, my right calf muscle started to hurt.  I must've had a mis-step somewhere in the rocky section.  And as I was about to face some more climbs on the second loop, I was really re-thinking if I should go out again.

So I start back out again.  I basically walked about a mile and half until I reached the top where it was more flat sections.  I was able to start running again...but with caution.  I took it easy for the rest of the way.  I was able to get back in one piece without major damage.  My finish time was 5:42.53.  It was a great training run.

Thank you to Mary Ann Miller, the volunteers, Dora (aid station specialist), and some friends who reward me with a special prize for finishing (Navajo frybread and mutton...Yummmm!...one reason I make the trip to Atoka every year).