Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lisa Smith-Batchen 50 miles in 50 states

Beginning April 19th, and ending June 19th, 2010, one of the world's premier ultra-runner Lisa Smith-Batchen will be running 50 miles in each of the 50 states. Though many have ran a marathon distance in each of the 50 states, no one has ever ran 50 miles in each state. And she'll be running just about every day.

Accompanying her will be a nun, sister Mary Beth Lloyd, age 61. Sister Mary Beth is not new to ultrarunning. She has accompanied Lisa on many occasions, including the picture below which I took when I was at Badwater 2008. They are on the climb out of Panamint Valley, the second of three major climbs at Badwater.

May 15th, Lisa and Sister Mary Beth will be in Tulsa, running her 50 miler in the state of oklahoma. I will be joining them. I'm looking forward to taking part of an great adventure. Their cause is to raise funds for orphans in the United States and abroad.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today is my son's birthday. It is the most joyous occasion for the birthday kid. Welll... christmas is pretty high on the list too. But anyway... today we celebrated his 9th birthday. All the kids ate pizza, drank coke, mtn dew, & cake. Then sent them home. I bet the parents are hating us now for their kids being a bit hyper...haha. They had a great time though. That's what counts.

Then on the flip-side of the coin... some sad news from my family. My brother, Wally, had heart attack last week. They put him on a ventilator, but never regain consciousness. Friday, he left us for a better place. I will sure miss him. When my dad was still with us, he and I would always go and visit my brother Wally. We had some happy times.

My running is like a roller coaster. One week, I might put in some miles. Then the following week, it would be almost nothing. Working 60 hrs per week is really getting in the way of my training. Slowly, but surely, I'm starting to run more miles. Today was kinda short run... just 13 miles..at about 9:15 min./mile pace. Hopefully, I'll keep putting in more and more miles soon.

Warm weather is on it's way... (I rather run in cold weather..that's just me)... go out and enjoy the weather...maybe even run a few miles. Gets the blood to flow better.

Happy Trails!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work is running my life now... well for now. Since the snake run, my running is practically non-existance. I'm finally getting back out again. By this time, I should've been doing 20 miles, and have relatively easy time with it. But it's the opposite... it's a struggle to hit 10 miles.

Hopefully in couple weeks, I'll be back to normal distance of 30 milers.

Have a great week!

Springtime!... enjoy the great outdoors.