Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's all about the BLING!

Cool Bling!!! Route 66 Marathon is done. Time- 5:05.22 (5:01.45 net). I had a fanastic time doing my pacing duties for 5 hr marathon finishers. I stayed on pace pretty much all the way thru-out. I had people come and go...some stayed up with me for some distance, then slowly fall off the pace. And most are usually first time marathoners. Sometimes it's just hard to keep even splits the entire course. At the end, I did catch up with a few people, and still got them to finish strong. It's a great feeling to get someone to the finish. Normally, I'm not sore from my pacing, but this time... my legs were feeling it. I think it's the concrete portion of the course. My legs just don't like concrete.

Well... time to up the mileage again. My next venture is Rocky Raccoon in February. I'm ready to hit the trails again. Congrats to all Route 66 marathon finishers, and those who didn't finish...takes courage to get out there and give everything.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Route 66 Marathon this sunday

The long runs are done... 20 miles on saturday, and a short 12.5 miles on sunday. Time to relax and keep hydrated. I can't wait to get started. Since my finish time is already set...5 hrs, I'm ready to have a great time helping people attain their goal of finishing a marathon in 5 hrs. I really enjoy the time out there pacing other people. For some, 5 hrs may seem like a long time to finish a marathon, but for alot more, finishing a marathon in 5 hrs is a dream. And to see people's face when they finish in that time frame, it is time well spent being out there.

Come out and cheer on all Route 66 marathoners or half-marathoners.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This weekend is "Oklahoma's Ultimate Challenge"... a 5 mile race that is almost entirely uphill all the way. This is oklahoma's version of "Pikes Peak Accent". The climb is about 2,000 ft in 5 miles. Not bad for Oklahoma. Should be great weekend get out.
After feeling abit under the weather for about a week...including no running for a week. I'm back on the road again. I was at a comfortable 60 miles per week for some time, until the "crud" set me back. But it might've been a good thing though. I really needed a week to relax and rest the ol'bod. Last night was a short 10-1/2 miles at a 9 minute pace. I really wanted to go slower, like 11 min. pace. I guess after a week off, my legs wanted to git going. Tomorrow, I'll make it slooooow pace. It's good to go slow and maintain a steady motion thru-out the whole 10-12 miles.
I hope to make it to Poteau this weekend for nice, slow 5-mile uphill training run. I'm not worry about time, but doing a relaxed hill run.
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"You will never FIND time for anything. If you want time, you must MAKE it." ~ Charles Bixton

In Nov. 2006, I ran Mother Road 100 miler from Arcadia, OK to Tulsa,OK. In our goody bag was a book... "Running With Payne" by Randy Ellis, a legendary ultra-endurance runner. And just a great guy to be around. Since 2006, I've been putting it off reading this book. Three years later, I finally opened the book and read it cover to cover. What a great book! When I grow up, I want to run coast to coast, like Randy.

A year from now, we'll be doing the 3rd running of Mother Road 100 miler. This is suppose to be the last of 3-part series of Mother Road 100. I'm ready to go!!


But before the last running of MR100, I would like to run the missed portions of the Mother Road in Oklahoma. Or maybe do them as training runs.