Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's been 5 days since I ran. Life just gets in the way sometimes. :) But not all is lost. I drove out to Elk City yesterday, and drove the MR100 (II) course back to the finish at Ft. Reno. (pictures on the way)

Sunday, I thought I just stretch my legs and do about 15 mile run...slow and easy. My plan was to run the Creek turnpike trail... some good ups and downs. I started out at 101st and Garnett parking lot. I took it easy along the turnpike trail back towards Jenks. After going about 7 miles (at about 96st and Riverside parking lot), I thought.. since I'm feeling pretty good, I'll do about 18 or 20 miles. So I trucked on the riverside trail to 71st street. TM was looking awesome with leaves turning. I thought I'll just go to the parking lot and turn around. I then took a turn on the bridge, and headed towards TM. Instead of TM parking lot, I went back to Jenks and around the airport. I like running this loop... not much shoulder to run on, but still good. I made my usual stop at Mickee Dee in Jenks, and ate some fries and a coke... yummy, after going about 15 miles.

I went back across the Jenks bridge and back to the Creek turnpike trail. I took it easy all the way back. I ended up with 24 miles back to 101st and Garnett parking lot. It was good to get out and put in some miles.

Tomorrow, I'll do only 10 miles. My goal for this week is do about 70 or 80 miles. Weather is finally nice now.

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