Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday.... TATURs are holding Route 66 mock marathon/half-marathon. It's been 4 days since I ran at all. I've been trying to get myself back to good health. I'm doing everything except make a trip to the doctor. The good thing is I'm not running any fever. My stomach and throat is giving me all sorts of heck.

I woke up saturday morning around 6am. I felt ok, and started preparing for a long, slow run. So I thought I'll go and run at least 15 miles. If I'm feeling bad, I'll just shut it down.

I started out slow,,,started at the very back. I kept up a steady pace up to 11 miles...felt pretty good. I was doing a 9:13 pace...I thought, dang it... I'm going to fast. 11 mile was our turnaround. On the way back, I slowed down quite abit..specially the last 3 miles. I ended up with 9:53 pace for the last 11 miles. Dang it again... I was still going abit fast. At the end, I felt good. My stomach did give me some problems around mile 18, I walked it off, and it did get better later on. I went home and took a long nap. Finally, I'm getting better.

Sunday, I'll do a short 10 miler.


T Z said...

Good to hear you're shaking the bug. I'm getting pretty antsy about the run. I wish they'd just let us go on down and get started right now.

AB said...

hey TZ... yep...I'm ready to git going. I might just start right now... from El Reno to Elk City. WOW!! that would be a challenge. I think I'll do that on the last leg of MR series...go from finish to start, then start to finish. Yeah!!!!

T Z said...

That would be COOL. Not too many tough enough to do that!