Monday, July 20, 2009

Badwater 2009 Finish

going up Mt. Whitney portal road...still hot!

climbing Mt. Whitney

Finish line!!!

We finished Badwater 2009!!! A huge gratitude to my crew (my family) for sticking with me. We started the journey together from Badwater, and climbed Mt. Whitney to the finish line. This is the race that I'll remember the most in my lifetime. We had our ups and downs...lots of downs...but never gave up. We kept moving forward!

A big thanks also goes out to Chris Kostman and his crew for putting on Badwater Ultramarathon. He makes it all happen. And the people along the course, they make it all worthwhile to trek 135 miles in 122 deg across the Death Valley. And if you ask me if I would do it again?... you bet!!!

Happy Trails!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Arnold & Crew! We were rooting for you & following you via the web. Margaret says if you hadn't stayed in Vegas you'd have won the whole enchilada, and that you ought to eat more mutton stew & fry bread for next year's race! We think it's an incredible accomplishment. Margaret, Deswood & Family.

AB said...

Yep...never count out frybread and mutton stew. The combo gets the motor running. It'll be on the list for next time.

Thanks Des. I'll heed my sis warning too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your finish!!! I'm glad I found your blog to read. It was inspirational to follow your journey. I was even more proud to find out you're Navajo. (CNN article) I was reading about this ultra and wondered if any natives have finished this race. I'm also a Navajo from Page, AZ. I've started doing triathlons for health but also for the challenge. I'm hoping to say next January that "I've completed my first marathon". You are one more person that I can look forward to and think about when I need the extra inspiration to keep going! Thanks and happy running!

John Klain

AB said...

Hey John,

I know that there are alot of natives, especially Navajos, are very good, long distance runners. I hope that alot more will take on these kind of challenges. I'm glad to hear that you are taking on a challenge of finishing a marathon. Keep a positive outlook, and you'll be successfully in your venture. I wish I was back in AZ and running the high desert and mountains.

Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

Arnold, I am a Navajo and was very pleased when I read the article on CNN to find that a Navajo had done the Badwater event. I originally read an article on which peaked an intrest in doing an ultra, but it was the coverage about you on CNN that really wants me to enter one now. I am also an endurance athlete, but my focus is on ironman races and is completely different than an ultra-marathon. Congratulations on your Badwater experience. Maybe I'll see you out there sometime!