Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TM Buzzard

I was picking up pink poka-dot ribbons last weekend at Turkey mtn. I wasn't exactly sure about where I was at...just somewhere in the woods... I hear a big thrashing noise in the trees. I look up and see this big ol'bird looking down at me. Just about scared the crap out of me. I thought...welll.. I'm gonna be picked to pieces by a big ol' buzzard... I guess he thought I was shruggling, and on my last leg. But then I picked up on a dead critter smell...that made me feel abit better..knowing that I wasn't on his menu this time.
He was just roosting til I left the area, so he could get back to his feeding.
I covered about 3 or 4 mile stretch sunday afternoon tearing down ribbons...there was a bunch! I think just walking and tearing down markers was harder than running the course.
Happy Trails!
You never know what kind animals you'll run into at Turkey mtn.

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