Monday, October 18, 2010

Five Fingers

barefoot runner
Bikila - Sky Blue/Yellow/Grey
The Five Fingers... I love them.  These are the shoes,,if you wanna call them "shoes".. is what I like to run in.  It's great for pavement...a bit tough on concrete...but not really for trails.  This weekend...I hope to run part of the 24 hour run in my Bikila's.  Just love running barefoot.


Julie said...

I have some Vibram's and I LOVE them! I haven't worked myself up to any long distances yet. I can run about 2 miles in them at at time. I still get a lot of calf soreness if I go over that distance but I'd like to eventually ditch the old running shoes completely once I get my mileage up in my Vibram's.
Did you have trouble working up in mileage in yours?

AB said...

It does take awhile to get use to running in Vibram. When I first started running barefoot, my calves were screaming bloody murder. But massaging them keeps the soreness to a minimum. I use foam roller. The key is very slow start, til your muscles stretch out. Cushioned shoes kill my feet now.

AB said...

BTW, that's my foot on the right. Finally worked up to where I didn't get a blister on pavement.