Monday, April 25, 2011

Warrior Princess Trail Run

It's been raining all weekend.  But today, it cleared out early afternoon.  And a special event was held near Lake Keystone.  It was the Warrior Princess Trail Run.. 1.03 mile or 10.3 miles.  Normally I don't run races that short... some may not think it's short.  But anyway...this race was in memory of a little girl that lived only 103 days...thus 1.03 or 10.3 miles.

After doing 21 miles yesterday, I was just taking it easy today.  The first 5.something miles were on trails.  Then the next 5.something miles were on pavement with big time hill finish.  I love hill finishes.  After 10.3 miles (10.38 garmin time), I strolled in around 1 hr. 40 min.

Once again, the event was first class.  Thanks to Runners World/Tulsa, TATURs, and all volunteers for putting this event on.  Ken Childress (aka Trail Zombie) did an awesome job marking the course.

Cool tech shirt and bling


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