Monday, February 9, 2009

DanMan Race Report

DanMan Run, Madill, OK., Feb. 7th, 2009
weather: strong south wind and warm day, temp. 70+

The temperature was definitely going to be a factor today. My plan was to go out slower than normal on the first loop..just to get the feel of it. The course kinda follows a figure 8 pattern. From start, the first loop is 10K. It has it's share of ups and downs along the way. We come back out to a gravel road back up to Dan's house.

From there, the course heads north and follows a trail along what looked like a gas pipeline. We head into the woods after going about a mile or so, and follow a nice jeep trail. We come out to a nice gravel road.
After a short distance, half and full marathoners go straight back to Dan's house, while 50K'ers and 50 milers turn right up a slight incline for a short 3 +/- mile loop. This short loop is the toughest part. At one part, you go up a sandy road. When you think it's over when you reach the top... guess what.. the flatter section gets more sandy. I ran the first loop, but my legs became jello at the end of this section..which was about 3/4 or a mile. I was soo glad to have come back out to the same gravel road the heads back to Dan's house.

I finally made it back to Dan's house on my first major loop. For 50 miles, a person has to do this 3 times. It took me almost 3 hours to do the first big loop (mile 16.5). It was almost noon. And the sun was out, and temps beginning to soar. The wind was blowing swiftly out of the south. At this point, I was beginning to have some issues with my stomach. I thought if I just take it easy for the next 10K, maybe my stomach will settle down.

I was really slowing down after doing the next 10K (mile 23). I'm back at Dan's house. I try to eat some solids, fill my camelback and head out again. I get into a slow shuffle down the pipeline and into the woods. But soon after, I was forced to walking. My energy level had dipped way low. I tried nibblin on a Cliff bar and kept drinking water. My quads were beginning to lock up on me. I would just pop open an Endurolite cap and pour it under my toungue for quick relief. It helped somewhat. But I just wouldn't keep this up for the next 20 miles.

I was finally back up to Dan's house again for my second major loop (mile 33)...time was now at 7 hours. I gained an hour this time on my second loop. I thought, if I keep going at this rate, I'll end up adding maybe another 1.5 to 2 hours of my initial time on my third loop. This would put me at 12 hours for 50 miles. And on top of it, I may end up getting hurt somewhere. So at this point (mile 33), I decided to call it quits. I was somewhat abit disappointed. But considering the conditions for the day, it was a good call. If the temps were much cooler and not soo much of a strong south wind, I would have finished 50 miles in good shape. 50 miles will wait a few more days. The training continues.

Thank you to Dan Little and family for putting on a great race. I really enjoyed the post-race meal...BBQ ribs, turkey leg, and all the fixin's. I plan to do this race again..and hopefully with better results. Congrats to all who ran this race. It was a tough day for everyone.

Up next...A-OK Atoka 50K.


T Z said...

Ya know, that course is deceptively hard. The wind, and the loose sand were my undoing. I had blisters on 3 toes, but just did not have my heart in it. Plus, I had not really did any long runs since Sunmart. Have you heard if ANYONE finished 50 miles?

AB said...

I just wasn't prepared for some warm weather running. Just couple weeks ago, I ran 24 miles in 30 degrees with north wind.
But the course was harder than I imagined too. The loose sand really got to me. I gotta start running long every other weekend. see ya out on the trails.

Julie said...
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