Monday, February 16, 2009

Badwater Invitation

It's official!! I'm in for this year's Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, CA. I wonder now if I really went over the edge. But it's gonna be an awesome ride. Never in my wildest dream that I would be doing this race...and now, I'll be trekking with some the world's toughest athletes. And I'll be there with them... holy cow!!!
I am looking forward to this adventure this summer...yep...the race is July 13th-15th...nice and toasty..temps will be 125 to 130 deg F. Dang hottt!!!
My training will now shift to a different level. I think that's what I like about Ultras...every race is different, so training regiment shifts for every race. I love it!!
Happy Trails everyone!!


T Z said...

Amazing, AB. I hope you totally ACE this race. You have a lot going for you. You have been there and understand the heat issues. You have proved 100 miles is doable. (Now you gotta tack on another 35!) You are disciplined enough to do the training and run in the heat and humidity we will have in June. Any chance of getting a treadmill into your attic?

AB said...

I'm planning on getting a treadmill in a small metal shack with some heaters blairing. might be a bit extreme,,but thats what BW is...the extreme.
Catch ya on the trails!