Monday, April 6, 2009

McNaughton 150 coming up

Every race is different...course layout and difficulty, weather, time of year, etc. For McNaughton 150, 10 mile loop...15 times. This will be a challenge in itself. I'm just going out and having some fun. For me, it's going to be a long training run. Send me some good vibes. I'll be out there alone again. I kinda like it that way...don't have to worry about dragging someone. Noo...I'm just kidding. Company is a good thing when you're out there for over 20+ hours, hungry, tired, sleepy, cranky, etc. But hey!!'s all fun!!
The word is that this maybe the last year for McNaughton 150. This makes it all the more spectacular event to run and remember.

Have a great day everyone! get out and enjoy the spring weather!

Happy Trails!

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