Sunday, April 5, 2009

Taper week for McNaughton

A view of Turkey mountain from the parking lot. Pretty soon, all that brown stuff will be replaced with greenery scene. Spring is on it's way...a new beginning. I had a wonderful time doing a slow 7.5 miles on friday, and 9 miles on sunday.
It's less than a week now that I'll be doing my farthest run ever... McNaughton 150 miles. I'm looking forward to a long slow run. Let's hope it's not too cold, and that the creek crossings are shallow.
I got some new shoes just for this run. I've heard some good reviews about Ascis Trebuka. I've had good luck with Ascis shoes..especially Kayanos for the road. Let's see how trebuka hold up.


T Z said...

Good vibes will be flowing your way, Bro. Wish I was going. I await your report, and how those last 5 loops go.

AB said...

Thanks TZ. I'll report sometime next week.