Sunday, May 24, 2009

Badwater training cont.

I'm just outside of town.
...very long road.
My Badwater training continues. Last week, I was out in Clayton, NM. Elev. 5050. The temps may not be reaching 120 deg, but the conditions were still harsh. Just the elevation itself made up alot for it. And the wind was blowing like crazy. I was able to do some road training. I'll be doing it again this week. Have fun everyone!


T Z said...

Never thought about NE NM as a place to train for BW, but the terrain is similar. You need to put the treadmill in the attic and get your sweats on. Then drag an old tractor all the way to Bartlesville and back.

AB said...

only thing NE NM doesn't have is extreme heat. All other elements of DV is there..long stretches of asphalt (no concrete), long stretches of hills (2 miles), altitude, gusty winds. June is my heat acclimation month...sauna and running in sauna suit. I have a treadmill in small space..that should be fun..sorta.