Monday, November 16, 2009

Route 66 Marathon this sunday

The long runs are done... 20 miles on saturday, and a short 12.5 miles on sunday. Time to relax and keep hydrated. I can't wait to get started. Since my finish time is already set...5 hrs, I'm ready to have a great time helping people attain their goal of finishing a marathon in 5 hrs. I really enjoy the time out there pacing other people. For some, 5 hrs may seem like a long time to finish a marathon, but for alot more, finishing a marathon in 5 hrs is a dream. And to see people's face when they finish in that time frame, it is time well spent being out there.

Come out and cheer on all Route 66 marathoners or half-marathoners.


Deene said...

it's great having a pace esp. when the miles start stretching.

AB said...

those miles do stretch out in the latter parts of long run. keep focus and follow the pacer, they'll get you there. One reason I love to help someone get to the finish.

Happy Trails!