Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's all about the BLING!

Cool Bling!!! Route 66 Marathon is done. Time- 5:05.22 (5:01.45 net). I had a fanastic time doing my pacing duties for 5 hr marathon finishers. I stayed on pace pretty much all the way thru-out. I had people come and go...some stayed up with me for some distance, then slowly fall off the pace. And most are usually first time marathoners. Sometimes it's just hard to keep even splits the entire course. At the end, I did catch up with a few people, and still got them to finish strong. It's a great feeling to get someone to the finish. Normally, I'm not sore from my pacing, but this time... my legs were feeling it. I think it's the concrete portion of the course. My legs just don't like concrete.

Well... time to up the mileage again. My next venture is Rocky Raccoon in February. I'm ready to hit the trails again. Congrats to all Route 66 marathon finishers, and those who didn't finish...takes courage to get out there and give everything.

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