Sunday, December 13, 2009

A week after Route 66 marathon, I was rapidly going downhill with flu-like symtoms. I was down and out for about a month. There was absolutely no running. Finally, today, I went out for a nice slow run. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I thought..if I keep it slow,,,I might cover 8 or 9 miles.

The first 3 miles went great. I was at about 9:30 pace. Dangit.. I was aimming at 10 to 11 min. pace. But the next 3 miles, I was beginning to feel it. I was slowing down more. My pace was falling to 10 min. pace. I finally reached the 6 mile mark. I thought... OK.. enough punishment for today. I was exhausted.

Soon enough, I'll get back to my normal workout. But for this week and maybe next week, I'm keeping it around 5 to 7 mile workouts. Holy cow!!! I hate the crud that goes around this time of year.

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T Z said...

Hi Arnold! Meant to give you a shout earlier. The Tatur party is tonight at 7:00 at the old Glen Eaagles clubhouse. It'd be cool if you could make it.

Glad you're feeling better.