Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Run

 Saturday, Jan. 22nd... I went on my birthday run.  This year I was turning that meant 48 miles.  (I wish I was 20 again...not really).
My start was Lafortune Park at 8:45am.  I had planned on starting around 6am..but it was cold this morning.  Since I was going to be out all day... I thought a later start with sun shining might be better choice.  Temp was still in mid-20s...which was good.  High was to hit mid 40s by afternoon.  I decided to run in my bikilas.  My longest run with the bikilas had been around 15 miles.  Today, I was living on the edge.. since I will not be able to switch to my regular shoes til I get back to my start point.

I had to abandon my original route due to snow and icy conditions, which was going from Catoosa HS (finish of Mother Road 100, part III to Carl's jr (west tulsa) finish of Mother Road 100, part I) and back, plus 8 miles.  So now, my plan was to just wander the streets of Tulsa, with some running on Route 66.
mile 4

Running in five fingers on ice is somewhat slippery since there is practically nothing on the bottom.  There were times when I had to run on grass so that I didn't slip and fall.

Riverside Trail, mile 8

Riverside trail was in good shape.. no ice, but few wet spots.  The wet spots did play some toes got wet..and at times they were feeling numb.  I did have an extra pair of socks if they were to really get soaking wet.
Finally getting on Route 66 at 11th and Peoria, I headed west from there. I continue west all the way to Carl's jr in west Tulsa near Turnpike entrance.  This was the finish line for Mother Road 100, part I.

mile 15, 11th and Riverside

mile 12, getting on Route 66 (11th St)

mile 19.. Ollie's Restaurant

mile 21...Carl's Jr (west Tulsa)
I was getting I went across to McDonald's to eat.  I thought about trying Carl's jr.  But I knew McD kid's meal works for me on long run.  Coming back on Southwest Blvd, my legs were beginning to feel it.  I was slowing down somewhat...doing more walking now.  I was at marathon distance.

mile 25... southwest blvd

Will Rodgers sign

As I came back across 11th St. bridge, I made a detour into downtown Tulsa and follow Route 66 marathon course.  I got back on 11th St and made it to 11th and Peoria and back to Veteran's Park.  I was at 30 miles.  My legs were really feeling it now.  And my foot were beginning to ache now..after going 38 miles in my bikilas.

mile 30...Veteran's Park

I started back on Riverside trail.  It was getting late in the afternoon.  I had about 10 miles back to Lafortune, and it will be getting cold again.  The next 10 miles was going to be tough.  I was getting hungry, and getting cramps in my left leg.  I would walk to relieve the pain, then start jogging again.

I made it back to Lafortune at sunset.  Mileage is at 38.5  I thought I have to make it to mile 40.  I took off my five fingers and put on my regular shoes, drank some pedialyte (works wonders for me) and downed some smoothies.  I was off and did the 1.5 miles to make it to mile 40.  The sun was gone...I was getting cold, and my son called and said he wanted pizza... I thought that sounds great... I can finish the 8 miles tomorrow.

Sunday morning... it was hard getting was colder than yesterday.  I took it slow at start...then finally got into a groove.  I was able to manage 11 min. miles on this 8 mile stretch.  That completed my 48 miles.  It's a good thing I didn't opt for the 48 hr b-day run.  Happy Trails!!


Anonymous said...

Great run Arnold. Happy birthday. You are a tough ole Tatur. Hope to see you soon. Are you doing the Snake Run or Lake McMurtry?

AB said...

Hope to do both...

"God willing..and if the river don't rise"