Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DanMan 2011

DanMan Challenge 2011...cancelled!
DanMan playground

DanMan 2009

I was planning on doing a nice and slow 50 miler.  I like running DanMan trails.  It's just a great event.  I love the turkey leg after a long run.


Julie said...

I was so bummed to get that e-mail saying it was cancelled! This year was going to be my first year running DanMan and I'd been hearing so many great things about it. Hopefully they will reschedule it for this spring.
Have a great run this weekend!

AB said...

DanMan is an awesome trail race. It's a leisurely race for long, run short...test your abilities.

Even with the snow, should be great weekend for nice, long run.

Happy Trails!