Monday, September 22, 2008

Training runs for weekend 9-19-08

Friday training run: starting at Lafortune Park main
parking lot, around 2:30pm. The afternoon got a little toastie. My plan was to do 10 miles. After going about 7 miles, I'll just add a few more miles. So I just kept on truck'n. I ended covering about 14 miles.

Saturday training run: my plan was to start at 5am, and cover somewhere around 30 miles. The alarm went off at 4am, hit the snooze button, slept til 4:45am. Anyway, I got started around 6:30am from 31st and Riverside bridge. The Fleet Feet marathon training group was doing their long run, so I just tagged along. I figured since I was going a long way, I might as well have some company for as long as I can. We crossed the bridge to west banks, went to 11th st. bridge, back to 31st st. bridge. Then went on small trail to some street, and meander around, cover some portions of Route 66 marathon course. We came back to 31st st. bridge. FF group finished their run at 12 miles. I continued back across 31st st. bridge to west banks again. This time, I headed south towards turkey mtn. I turned back at mile 16, and came back to my start point. Since I got started a little late, I stopped at 20 miles. I had to go out of town by 12pm.

Sunday training run: I kinda took a rest day. I ended up helping my bro build a fence.

Monday training run: my plan was to do 15 to 18 miles, since I skipped sunday. I started out around 4:30pm from 61st & Yale. I just went thru some neighborhood streets... ended up doing some hills. I finished just under 13 miles. Since I did some hills, I figured 13 miles was enough. Last 5 miles, I ran 8:30/mile. It was a great run.

After all these runs, my legs feel good. I'll put in several more miles this week. Arkansas Traveller 100 is coming up soon.

Have fun everyone! It's the first day of autumn.


T Z said...

Good runs, Bro. You'll do great in your upcoming 100sljvhxf

AB said...

just trying to keep up the mileage... not fast,,,, just covering the distance. We'll see ya out there.