Sunday, September 7, 2008

training runs

Friday, sept. 5th.... 10 miles

Saturday, sept. 6th.... 12 miles, feels great to run in the rain.

Sunday, sept. 7th.... 9 miles, 3pm... very hot!

I feel great. Life is grand!

Happy trails!

here's few pictures from Leadville 100 training run, aug. 28th.
heading up from Mayqueen, our start point, about a 1/2 mile section that was fairly flat
but the rest (about 5 miles) is all uphill to Sugar Loaf pass.

looking down on Mayqueen AS... it was a long climb.
whatever goes up, must come back down... my quads were trashed coming down from Sugar loaf
the highway section after leaving Fish Hatchery AS.
coming into Twin Lakes AS (mile 26, end of our training run)


T Z said...

Dog gone you! You put these pics up and now ya got me thinkin about Leadville! Seriously, nice photos. I am sure the climbs must have sucked the air out of you, but were the downhills easier on your breathing?

AB said...

Hey TZ... Leadville is just awesome... you should put it on your calendar.