Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A-OK 25K/50K Race Report

March 1, 2009...Atoka A-OK 25K/50K
Race morning,,,it was very chilly. Temps probably in low 20s at start. For me, I like running in the cold. This is my 3rd time here in the boonies. And all 3 times, it's been cold morning start...brrr!!
It is a very low key race...about 45 to 50 toed the start line. The start line is near this outhouse..as well as the finish line.
Of the 45 or so runners, most would do the 25K. I think they are the smarter ones. Anyway...my strategy was to take it easy on the first loop, and save some for the second loop. We head out around this pond, then head into the woods to to the right.
Then you pop back out near the pond again (on the right) and continue around, and into the woods again.
This year the course was changed somewhat. But still, most was on jeep trails or logging road. It has a good mix. There are areas of ups and downs, some sandy, or very loose, spots, as well as rocky areas. It is just a good course. If you need a PR for 50K...this is the course to do it.
Back to my race strategy...for my first loop, my time was 2:17 I thought maybe this was a little fast. I took a little time to eat and rest abit before I head out again. On my second loop, around 22 miles, my legs were beginning to feel it. I had ran pretty good up to this point. I slowed down quite abit, and just get thru my achy IT bands. Finally, at mile 27 or 28, my legs started moving again. I thought...I can still make it under 5 hours. But towards the end, I really didn't push it that hard. It's soo easy to turn an ankle. I have too much at stake to risk injury. It was just a great day to cover 31 miles. I was just happy to finish. I came in at 5:08. Just an awesome day to run with some of my TATUR friends. Congratulations to everyone who went out and finish.
Thanks to Mary Ann Miller and crew for putting on a great fun race. The chili and pasta was great. And the one of a kind finisher award.


T Z said...

Ya did awesome, Bro AB. very solid performance.

AB said...

thanks TZ. Congrats to you too for doing a excellent job on helping out someone get to the finish line. I think I get more satisfaction when I can get someone to the finish line, rather than putting in a great time. I look forward to pacing 4:45 marathon group in OKC marathon next month.