Monday, November 8, 2010

The final week of preparation.  Taper week.  Next saturday is the last of the Mother Road 100 miler series.  or that's what they say.

Let's hope for some cool weather running...and chilly night.

"Get Your Kicks On Route 66"


Bill Richardson said...


Congratulations on your very impressive time in MR3! Knowing fellow TATURs were on the road made the going easier throughout the night. It is really fun to be a part of a larger running community with folks like you who have spunk and stamina! I'm proud to know ya!


Bill Richardson

AB said...

Hey Bill,

Congrats on your finish too. I know all too well that it really more tougher to be out there 20+ hours...the mental strain, as well as the physiological changes that's happening. A true test of stamina!

Enjoy a great finish!!