Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mother Road 100, part 3

start line

The last 100 miler of Mother Road series is done!  And it was a great race...from the race organizers to all the aid stations to the finish line.  Thanks to Thomas Hill and Bret Sholar for scheming these Mother Road 100 milers.  The 2006 MR100 was my first 100 miler, and been hooked ever since.

me and my brother

The start was Baxter Springs, KS.  The morning was very cool.  The rain had all but moved out.  There was slight northwesterly breeze..just enough to donn some light jackets.  My plan was to start out very slow the first half, and pick up time in the second 50.  My goal time was 20 hours or less.

mile 10

Mile 18, Miami
From start to Miami, OK is 18 miles, my pace hit 9 min./mile.  I was feeling very good.  But I was going too fast.  I knew I had to back down some if I was to maintain pace at halfway.  My fluid intake was good...everything was working great.  My crew was on schedule with what I needed.  One thing they always say is NEVER try anything new on race day...wellll...I broke that rule.  About a month back, when I was doing Heartland...I had bad stomach issues that forced me to drop at 67 mile...I think I took in way too much sodium.  This time...I was not going to take any salt sticks or endurolytes.  I was going with pedialyte..you know...lil kids drink.  And it worked!  (I learned the hard way at Badwater).

Coming into mile 26 (Narcissa), I slowed it down some...doing about 10:15 pace now..time is now 4 hours.  Good time...but still pushing abit than I wanted too.

Afton, mile 34.5
Afton weigh-in, mile 34.5
On some sections before Afton, we got on the old R66 road with gravel.  I was wearing a very lightweight shoe (7oz).  Racing flats just don't work well on gravel road.  Actually, it hurts.  I came into Afton (mile 35ish) about 5 hrs 45 min.  This would be the first weigh-in.  My weigh-in the day before was 180...mostly from water and carbo-loading.  My normal weight is 173.  My weigh-in at Afton showed 172.  I got a caution.  I told them what my norm was...and that suffice.  I took in some soup, and off I went again.  Up to this point, I hadn't sat down to rest.  My legs were feeling good.  Everything was going smooth.  But one thing started to bother me abit....almost 6 hours..and I haven't pee'd.  I was taking in fluids..water, pedialyte, perpetuem, ginger ale, but just not getting the urge to go.  I told my crew that I may need to take in more fluids and see what happens.

mile 40, drinking and drinking
For 10 miles, I slowed down more (12:15/mile)...so that I could drink more fluids and see if I could go pee.  7 hrs. 45 min., I was at mile 45...and still no bathroom break.  I was really concerned now.  I was hydrating enough, and sweating just fine.  I was feeling fine.
mile 45

mile 47, climbing small hill

At mile 48, nature finally called.  It was a relief to know the body is still functioning like it's suppose to.  From there, it got back to normal.  I had never gone 8 hrs without a bathroom break.

I came into Vinita aid station (mile 49.2) for another weigh-in.  This time it showed 171.  Again, I was told "you're borderline".  Again, I told them what my norm was.  It was all good.  I told my crew to stop at McDonald's and grab me a burger...I was really getting hungry.   I wanted some fries too..but I wasn't taking that chance.  I told the crew to meet me at 50 mile mark where we had to cross a timing mat.  I crossed the mat at 8 hrs. 51 min.  It was my fastest 50 miler.  I can't even come close to this when I do only a 50 miler.  That's one reason I'm not crazy about 50 milers...I'm never happy with my time.

mile 50, plain hamburger and drink

After a short break eating my hamburger and drinking a coke, I changed into my night clothes, and put on my headlight.  It was getting colder by the minute...temp was in low 30s.  Slowly, I got back into a shuffle, then running again.  I was getting ready for a good second 50 miler.  Under 20 hour mark was looking good.  Nighttime running is usually my best running.  And on this course, daytime was abit of a downer..because there were miles of long, flat stretches that seemed to go on forever.  I was looking forward to nighttime when I can pickup pace.  And the cold temps is my most efficient running.

mile 60, leg issues

Somewhere coming out of Vinita, I may have stepped wrong with my left leg, or something.  Between mile 55 and 60, my left quad just started to hurt really bad.  Every step was getting painfully.  I informed my crew that I needed something to wrap my leg with to keep it as stable as possible.  I left my ace bandage at home...dang it!  I had to wrap it with some pre-wrap spongey and tape it.  It seemed to work.

Coming into Chelsea (mile 67), I had lost alot of time.  My pace was about 20 min/mile for last 7 miles.  I took a short break at the aid station...ate some chicken noodles, pig in blanket, fruit cocktails...I was hungry.  I also took some tylenol.  My leg was still hurting.  I slowly got back on the road again.  68 miles in about 12 hours... I was still looking at a 20 hour finish.  I was still upbeat.

I passed Bushyhead aid station (mile 74.5) in 13 hrs. 15 min.  I was into a slow run again.  My pace was now around 16.5 min./mile...not what I had hoped for...but I was moving.

TATUR A.S. (mile 77)

I reached Foyil/TATUR aid station (mile 77) just under 14 hrs.  My energy level was going down.  I sat down for about 10 min., ate a sandwich, some soup, and headed out into the night again.  I had about 6 hrs to cover 23 miles to make 20 hour finish.  On a normal day, it's no biggy.  But this time, I was having doubts.  However, I was now just focused on finishing.  The 20 hour mark was out the door...just finish.

night time running
I hitted Claremore (mile 87) in 18 hrs.  I was still running slow, and throwing in some walking.  My pace was now around 14 min/mile.  I was beginning to think..I might still make 20 hours.  But I was really getting hungry.  I down some smoothies, ate a small turkey sandwich, and off into the night again.

For the next 2 or 3 miles, I was just walking...I couldn't get into a running mode.  Verdigris aid station (mile 93) was next.  I got there in 19 hrs. 15 min.  I had 7 miles left.  Could I make 20 hr mark in 45 minutes?  The answer was no..but I could still hit 21 hours.  I was completely exhausted, but I kept running slow and walking briskly at times.

At mile 97, I looked east and saw the break of dawn.  Now I was thinking..I have got to beat the sunrise.  With 1 mile to go, I told my crew to go head to finish line.  I was giving all I have.  I came into the track, circled the track one time, and into the finish line.  I crossed the line in 21 hrs. 38 minutes. 18 sec.,  and I beat the sunrise.

3 for 3 on the Mother Road!  what a blast!

My crew was every bit golden.  They were fantastic!

mile 23, drinking on gravel road

me and the crew


Thanks to all race organizers, volunteers, and congratulations to all runners!

the bling!


Julie said...

Amazing!!! I can't even imagine how great it must feel to complete a 100 mile race. : )

AB said...

Thanks..Julie. Finishing 100 miles is just awesome. The body takes a beating, no doubt it's gonna hurt,,,but to finish 100 miles is a true testament of the human spirit.

Sheri said...

Awesome job Arnold!! Marlla and Maddy had plenty of updates posted throughout your run. Very exciting. Hope your body is recuperating well. So when is your next race? I ran my first 10k over the weekend, working my way up to a half maraton. Congratulations!!

AB said...

Hi Sheri..Marlla, Maddy, and their dad did a great job helping me with the race. My body is back to normal now. I had no blisters...thanks to my crew for taking care of hot spots on one foot.

I'm doing Route 66 Marathon this sunday..but I do pacing duties for people wanting to finish in 5 hours flat. This is my fun time.

Congrats on your 10K! before long...you'll be doing 100 miles too. :)

MIke Baxter said...

Arnold Good job on MR100, I was the one who we passed back and forth with several times on the run. My crew was in the Yellow Xterra.


AB said...

Hey Mike...congrats on your finish. You had a awesome crew as well.